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Why You May Want A Website

What I Offer

Web Design Price Guidelines

Example Sites

Privacy Statement

Why You May Want A Website

Business Sites

• Name recognition.

• Primary source for business information.

• 24-hour availability of business information.

• Online catalog of your products.

• Primary source of advertising.

• Most cost-effective advertising.

• Potential customers will find you through Internet searches.

• Establishment of reciprocal links to other sites for increased traffic.

• Products may be sold through the Internet.

Personal Sites

• Potential employers may view your Resumé or Curriculum Vitae instantly.

• Share information on your hobbies, interests, travel and activism.

• Long-lost friends, relatives and classmates will be able to re-establish contact with you through Internet searches.

• Post photos of your newborn, activities or latest trip for your family and friends.

What I Offer

Website design and setup.

Crafting of a website with a look and feel complimentary to the basic concept of your business or your personal page.

Graphics design including logos, backgrounds and menus, or the use of your supplied graphics.

Custom error pages for a professional look.

Free aid in finding an appropriate server for your site.

Free aid in procuring a domain name.

Free initial consultations.

Free email setup.

Free uploading to your server.

Submission of your site to major search engines.

A copy of your site, (pages, graphics and ancillary files), mailed to you on disk or CD-ROM.

Web Design Price Guidelines

My initial consultations with you are free. These consultations help you determine if I am the right developer for you and help me develop an estimate for your site based on your needs.

The cost of a website depends on the size, complexity, and availability of graphics and text. To develop an appropriate look for your site requires at minimum 2 to 4 hours. After the look is established, subsequent pages for non-complex sites will be produced more quickly.

A simple one-page site could be completed in a few hours, whereas extremely complex sites, with shopping carts, applets, databases, and cgi may require hundreds of hours. Most sites will fall somewhere between. If you have web-ready graphics and/or text, the time will be reduced considerably.

If you want but do not have a domain name, there will be a charge of $20 to $35 per year to register it. Server space for your website can cost $10 to $50 per month, depending on your site needs. After many years of dealing with hosts ranging from mediocre to unconscionably bad, I have found one I will happily recommend. This host gives me no kickbacks or consideration of any kind; in fact, they don't even know that I promote them. Their service, tools and uptime are superb.

My base rate is $30.00 an hour, ($25.00 an hour for non-profit organizations). For new clients, I require a $30.00 good-faith payment before I begin work on your site. I accept checks and money orders.

A copy of your site including pages, graphics and ancillary files can be mailed to you on disk or CD-ROM for $10.00, (USA only. Fee for customers outside the US will be based on mailing costs to their location).

Optional Monthly Services

Level 1:  Smaller sites requiring few regular changes: (typically 1 to 5 pages).

Simple site updates and maintenance.

Monthly submissions to major search engines.

Never an uploading fee.

Monthly maintenance fee: $25.00.

Level 2:  Intermediate sites requiring monthly changes (typically 6 to 20 pages).

General site updates and maintenance.

Semi-monthly submissions to major search engines.

One FREE hour of monthly site maintenance.

Never an uploading fee.

Monthly maintenance fee: $45.00.

Level 3:  Large sites (over 20 pages).

Complex site updates and maintenance.

Semi-monthly deep submissions (all pages) to major search engines.

One FREE hour of monthly site maintenance.

Never an uploading fee.

Monthly maintenance fee: $75.00.

Example Sites

Please visit these sites for recent examples of my work.

Ancient Artways Studio

Privacy Statement

I will never sell your email address or personal/corporate data.

It is common practice to include the webmaster's email address and a link to his webpage. Should a guest viewing your site find that there is a problem, he may email me directly so I can take corrective measures soonest.

Also common is the posting of links—on the webmaster's own site—to the various sites the webmaster has designed as examples of his work. Some search engines, such as Google, will allocate a higher ranking to a particular website based on the number of external sites linking to it, so this practice can bring additional traffic to your pages.

It is your website and should you so wish, I will refrain linking my site with yours.